They are strange because they are commonly known in our literature and history.  Solutions to poverty, lack, disappointment.

And people who discover them think they are the first to figure them out. 

There are tons of books out there that essentially say the same thing. And have through all our long written history and literature.

This is what Earl Nightingale found when he wrote and recorded his 78RPM LP record in 1957. And it was such a breakthrough that it became the first Gold record of its kind - all without any advertising. 

The real interesting point was that he only really talked about one subject during that long recording: you can set and achieve your goals - to get everything you want out of life. 

But as Nightingale points out - only 5 out of 95 people will make themselves a success by the time they are ready to retire after working for 40 years. 

Along the way, they settle for other things. Less than everything they wanted when they started.

Anyone that actually takes his transcript and follows it directly can be whatever they want to be and have whatever they want to have.

Practically, they can get everything they want out of life. And it will show up exactly as they describe it to themselves, and exactly by the date they set - or sooner. 

There are tons of examples people used this advice to do just that - Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Mary Kay Ash...

It's time for you to get everything you want out of life. The second best time to start is now - it's never too late.

To help you, I've taken Nightingale's recording and made its transcript available for you, along with short versions of the books he recommends on that recording. Plus some other related essays and articles. All slim enough to fit on your smartphone for ready review - anywhere, any time.

All at no-charge, no cost. 

It doesn't cost you even a penny to kickstart your success.

And then we can be in touch about what other tools are available to continue your progress. To get what you want. Everything you want. 



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