• Dr. Robert C. Worstell is known for being an over-prolific author, editor, artist, and researcher. He has also run a working farm for over two decades, shifting from expensive row-cropping to sustainable grazing of cow-calf pairs. From his studies into the natural principles and patterns of life, he's discovered ways to bring natural abundance into any life or lifestyle. Follow these references, absorb their lessons, and such abundance can be yours...

The Earth is ours to care for.

Farming and Ranching are just ways we can do that. Through careful study, it's been proved that permaculture (use of perennials along with grazing livestock) is the most efficient use of land, since when this is properly done, the land can be rebuilt in a few years to be sustainable for all manner of crops, as well as high-protein meat, milk, and eggs. All naturally raised on the outskirts of our current cities - or even within them on empty, abandoned lots.

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