• Dr. Robert C. Worstell is known as an over-prolific author, editor, artist, publisher, and researcher. Discovering the long-disguarded wisdom of the ages has resulted in restoring the natural elements that enable anyone and everyone to get and keep whatever they really want out of life.

It started with a recorded lecture for salesmen...

And planted the seed for a new industry of recorded personal development materials.

That recording, entitled "The Strangest Secret" went Gold and with no advertising of any kind. Within it are mentioned a small set of books which Earl Nightingale recommended for further study. 

What has been collected here are more of Nightingale's materials, as well as those authors in that small set, and the books that they referenced.

As we can, these are being produced as courses as well as ebooks, print versions, and audiobooks. 

In them, you'll find solutions to the needs of goal achievement, problem solving, and decision making.

Core Books

Supplementary Books for Further Study