• Dr. Robert C. Worstell is known as an over-prolific author, artist, publisher, and researcher. In this College, he's assembled the classic cornerstones of copywriting. Follow below and continue your next journey-step...

Persuasion is a necessary part of living.

To some, this is called "Sales".

Unfortunately, the art of salesmanship and even advertising has gotten a very bad name, because people have bought the "get rich quick" ideas of those who don't have the patiences or tenacity to search out the classics and study them until they become part of their core.

Collected here are those classics, which have more or less stayed in print over the years. 

Over and over, those real students of the subject will find these and their immortal lessons, and then rise to the head of their class and command top salaries and bonuses.

Because humankind hasn't changed much over the last 10,000 years. And the art and science of persuasion is still true at its core. What you see doesn't work - isn't in those books. Because it's not the flashy tricks of display, but the addressing and fulfilling the simple wants and needs of people who need solutions.

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