• Dr. Robert C. Worstell is known for his over-prolific writing, editing, publishing, and researching. This has led him to discover the classic texts that are continually recommended writers improving their craft...

The successful writer is almost worshipped by those who feel they can't.

And yet, writing can be learned. This is what Dorothea Brande discovered on her own. While a passable editor, she discovered a key and simple datum that changed her almost over night into a world-class writing success.

She tested this concept by agreeing to teach a course on what she learned about writing - not the over-worn technical details of plot, composition, grammar, etc. 

Instead, she wrote a fresh approach about how a writer becomes one. 

And her own classic is as fresh in its approach today that it is one of the two books that are commonly recommended to starting authors and veterans who have hit a "slump" in their work.

Along with Brande's work, we've also assembled core craft books which align with her unconventional approach to teaching this subject. Many were compiled from veteran authors who made their own illustrious careers as writers - and at some point sat down to write what they held was important to their success. Then they went back to writing...

We've also assembled a wide range of "how-to" and business-type books that have to do with our current world of self-publishing. All to help you learn strategic approaches that should ease your production lines and help you create the wealth you deserve.

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