Most people have had nice wins every once in awhile. But a very tiny, teeny handful have found out how to turn everything they touch turn to gold. They find opportunities everywhere and are prepared for them. That's called "lucky." You can become that type of person.

3 Things You Need to Know (only 3, really.)

There are three key ideas you need to know and apply in order to make your success permanent.

  1. That this is possible. Perpetual success depends on what and how you think, your mental habits.
  2. That the secrets to "always on" success are hidden in plain sight.
  3. That you have to re-learn how to look and find them, after a lifetime of being carefully trained not to look.

Yes, that's the simplicity of it. Here's your immediate action steps:

  • Change Your Beliefs on Success,
  • Start Finding Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight,
  • Re-learn How to Look and Find.

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These Three Ideas Put to Work

Earl-Nightingale"You Become What You Think About."

This is the theme of Earl Nightingale's recorded classic "The Strangest Secret." This single recording was so popular, it had to be pressed into a 78RPM LP record to keep up with the demand. Without any promotion of any kind (except word of mouth) it became the first Gold Recording in the "spoken word" category. It also created an industry.

What did Nightingale say in that recording that makes it a continuing best seller? He found that people through all our literature and recorded history have been saying this one statement over and over. It's how and what you think about that determines what you become in life.

Too simple. Obvious.

But only those who have discovered this for themselves and believe it can make it work for them.

napoleonhill"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

How did Napoleon Hill author three bestsellers, each of which newly made him a millionaire? Because he did what no one else would. He devoted 20 years to interviewing and studying the "movers and shakers" of his day, from presidents, to business leaders, to statesmen.

From these interviews, he distilled a "practical philosophy of achievement" that anyone could study and apply. His "Think And Grow Rich" continues to sell, perhaps more than any other book of its kind.

Earl Nightingale, W. Clement Stone, and many others claim that this one book has given them the model they needed to base their own continuing success on.

But you still have to learn how to look...

JBJones"Soon, in every situation, because you can control your thinking, you will begin to look for that which is good before you react..."

James Breckenridge Jones studied Hill's work, and internalized it. After years of study, he finally put it to the test.

In spite of needing to cover the existing mortgages on his home and his car loan, he asked for and received a few thousand from his friends to start his test. Within only four years, starting from his own living room, Jones had built a nationwide company across the continental U.S. with tens of thousands of sales associates.

He had made himself in to a multi-millionaire by taking advantage of opportunities he saw around him, and spring-boarded from Hill's philosophy.

Some of the people he had recruited and personally trained then started companies on their own, also became millionaires, and were known as millionaire-makers. They also achieved their wealth in a very short time.

His classic "If You Can Count to Four..." is considered a sequel to "Think and Grow Rich" as it fills in the gaps that still remained. That book fulfilled Hill's promise that anyone could think and get rich.

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So, Where Are These Secrets You Talk About?

How to Start Living Sensical - the Manifesto.The Living Sensical Manifesto was written for you to start taking a new look at the world around you. It is startling, even controversial.

But is designed to get you to start looking for yourself. (And you can download it for free, with no requirement.) Once you do, you can start seeing these secrets everywhere.

As Nightingale pointed out, they've been written about for centuries.

As Hill pointed out, they are actually based on natural laws.

One chief law is known both as the Law of Cause and Effect, and also The Golden Rule. You can't get without giving. You reap what you sow.

Only by giving great value first will you be able to exchange it for something valuable you want.

Obvious, isn't it? And right in plain sight - you've been told this your entire life.

The greater you give, the greater you'll get.

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Just to Make it Easy for You...

After half a century of studying the human condition, it became obvious to me that the "Strangest Secret" and the books mentioned by Nightingale in that recording hold the keys to achieving permanent success. This site is devoted to simply helping you understand these books.

  • The Strangest Secret - by Earl Nightingale
  • Wake Up and Live! - by Dorothea Brande
  • The Magic of Believing - by Claude M. Bristol
  • Think and Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill
  • If You Can Count to Four - by Dr J. B. Jones

Right now, we have the audio version of each book available as podcasts, so you can listen to them as well as read them. Soon, we'll be releasing self-study courses with additional supplements to help you learn and internalize them.

The point?

To help you on your way by freely giving great value first and foremost.

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The Offer

You can access these materials here. Or you can buy them online. Or, find a coach who will help you change your mindset into one of permanent success.

Let's put this into context: